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Techstars accelerator-backed Spoonshot acquires analytics startup Brisky
Spoonshot Inc. (formerly Dishq), which predicts consumer tastes and food trends using food science and artificial intelligence, has acquired Hyderabad-headquartered restaurant analytics startup Brisky, the companies said in a statement.
Dishq Rebrands as Spoonshot, Acquires Brisky
Personalized food recommendation engine Dishq announced today that it has rebranded as Spoonshot, and that the company has acquired India-based startup, Brisky. During a phone interview, Spoonshot …
'Personalisation is key to driving great experiences': Food tech group DishQ talks AI and food innovation
The development of artificial intelligence solutions sits at the cutting edge of food tech. As an industry, the food sector is only just beginning to understand the potential that these developments offer.
Services that Combine Flavor and AI Are a New Food Tech Trend.
Self-described “food AI company” dishq uses customer data, machine learning, and food science research to predict consumer taste preferences
Tracxn Blog – Tracxn – Analyst Notes (India Practice) # 553
Interesting startups 2017 - dishq- AI-enabled food recommendation engine - to help the online food industry grow.
The Weekly Spoon: Trends in AI and Flavor, deal with Hamilton Beach plus a mini road show!
One interesting startup highlighted is dishq, a food AI company that's developing what they call 'taste analytics as a service.'
Dishq Uses Machine Learning for Bespoke Food Recommendations.
Dishq is looking to improve by using artificial intelligence. Based in Bangalore, India, Dishq provides APIs for food service companies like restaurants....
What do I eat? Ex-execs of Just Eat and Zomato help you answer the eternal question
B2B AI-based foodtech startup dishq uses machine learning and food science to help the online food industry...
Learnings from Z02 and going forward to Z03
Going into Z02, we wanted to try the following things: Partner with organisations, Focusing on pitch and strategy, Invite Venture Partners ...
Zeroth Update: Z02 debut
Our vision has always been to work with the smartest AI founders and ideas, to ruthlessly execute, and to help them realize their ambition into the world. We believe that AI fundamentally changes the way companies will be built, scale, and how customers and users interact with products. We know that the next great company will be created AI first.
124 startups exhibiting in TIA
In the past month, you’ve gotten a taste of the impressive startups joining us for Tech in Asia’s debut conference in Bangalore. From marketing startups to help you dazzle with impressive (but affordable) videos, to one that helps you collect good karma, you’re in for a good show this year.