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Are consumers ready for sleep-support foods and beverages?
Has the need for a bedtime boost redounded to the benefit of sleep-support foods and beverages, too? After all, says Ranjana Sundaresan, lead research analyst, Spoonshot AI (St. Paul, MN), “Consumers show growing interest in the concept of food as medicine, preferring food instead of pills as a means to better health—which increasingly means better-quality sleep.”
Make It Tasty: Consumers want sugar reduction, but they still won’t compromise on taste
Natural sweeteners have become a competitive market as companies explore new types of sugars, sugar alternatives, flavorings, and other sugar-reduction tactics, all the while relying on new technologies that can help consumers be healthier without mourning the reduction of sugar. Get some fascinating insights on the sugar reduction era here.
Friends not foes: Plant based growth can’t go hand in hand with dairy
Forget plant-based vs dairy. Are the two categories mutually exclusive? Not really, says Givaudan. According to Spoonshot’s insights, consumers are often confused by the many factors that can be lumped together under the umbrella of ‘sustainability’.
Hershey applies to patent dairy-free chocolate with roasted grain
The patent states that the roasting process is a dry heat treatment that could cause a measurable change to the grain flour’s color, flavor and moisture content. And once the grains are roasted, they can be combined with other common ingredients to make chocolate through common processes.
Move over clean eating, hello clean labelling. Berries, herbs and vinegar will feed the public appetite and help the industry hit $32 billion
It has been fifteen years since Canadian mother-of-three Tosca Renu launched and then trademarked the Eat Clean™ movement after shifting 34kg thanks to a strict regime of bodyweights and ‘clean,’ natural foods.
From Kimchi to Bulgogi, Korean Cuisine Gaining Steam | The Food Institute
Korean cuisine had its moment in 2021, and all indications suggest that popularity could last for the foreseeable future. According to new data from analytics company Spoonshot, interest in Korean...
Canadian farmers and ranchers are plotting for a future with less carbon — and they’re making it work
A 2021 report from the data company Spoonshot indicated business interest in regenerative agriculture had more than doubled in just two years, with companies such as General Mills, PepsiCo and Unilever investing millions. But Cross looks sideways at the word.
Identifying the top entrepreneurial ‘game changers’
Product innovation is typically measured by commercial success,” said Kishan Vasani, co-founder and chief executive officer of Spoonshot. “While that’s an important lens, it’s a lagging indicator. Spoonshot wanted to identify and highlight emerging companies that have been courageous in their product development using non-financial signals.
Most Innovative Food and Beverage Startups: Spoonshot’s Game-Changers 2022 Report
Spoonshot used their AI, #foodbrain, to analyze the innovativeness of more than 7,000 startups in the retail food and beverage space in more than 130 categories. Innovativeness was measured using criteria such as novelty of ingredients, product claims, health benefits, marketing messaging of the brands, brand engagement rates, and consumer reviews.
More options enable health and wellness products to proliferate
From bone broths, plant-based beverages to ready-to-drink coffees and teas, functional beverages that support immunity, digestive health and overall health and wellness are thriving.
Puratos and ReGrained enter partnership for upcycled bakery innovation
Bakery ingredient specialist Puratos has entered a tie-up with upcycling start-up ReGrained. Through an exclusive collaboration and supply agreement, the companies will supply upcycled solutions to the commercial baking industry.
Q&A with Spoonshot on 2022 snack and bakery trends
Sr. Food Scientist, Sayantan Paul at Spoonshot recently spoke to Liz Parker at SnackandBakery.com about what the new trends in 2022 will be like. 📈 Consumer interest around the loss of smell is predicted to rise in the next 12 months after a small dip, while business interest around the issue remains high. Find out which snack and bakery trends are on the rise by reading the full story.
ReGrained innovating in upcycled food for grains that deliver nutritional benefits
It is estimated that the financial cost of food waste to society could amount to over $940 billion per year, according to the FAO. The food loss non-profit ReFED estimates that an annual investment of $14 billion over the next decade can not only reduce food waste by more than 50% each year, but could result in an annual net financial benefit of $73 billion. That’s a one to five return on investment.
Flavors for Uncertain Times
References to comfort foods in the U.S. consumer media climbed by 25% during 2020, according to Kishan Vasani, CEO of food and beverage artificial intelligence company Spoonshot. And although they have started to taper off a bit, declining by 4% in the first six months of 2021, Vasani believes “nostalgic flavors will continue to pop up for a little longer,” albeit with a new focus on health.
Bright future for beverages? Why functional drinks are likely to grow post-pandemic
Much of the healthy drinks market saw extended growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of growing consumer interest in health and immunity. Consumers are now prioritizing condition-specific benefits in their beverages, and general wellness and hydration claims may no longer be enough to lure them.
Replacing sugar in confectionery is ‘incredibly hard’
Sugar is an important ingredient in confectionery, not only for its taste but also because it contributes to texture, bulk, mouthfeel, aroma, colour, and a number of other attributes that make up chocolate and candy.
Functional beverages see demand increase throughout pandemic
Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law states that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This law has come to fruition among many propulsion systems where machines will produce a thrust that forces objects like airplanes or rockets through the air. In the beverage market, functionality has become the figurative propulsion system driving new product development.
Barry Callebaut launches nonpremium dairy-free chocolate line
Barry Callebaut launched a complete portfolio of dairy-free chocolate compound, expanding the company's plant-based options. These new options are 100% plant-based and are processed in segregated facilities where no dairy is present.
Report: Upcycling Ingredients Gains Traction on ESG Benefits
The adoption of upcycling continues to spread across the food industry as companies large and small explore innovative ways to repurpose ingredients that would otherwise go to waste.
Milk alternatives category is getting crowded
The days of soy dominating the milk alternatives category are long gone. Competition continues to grow from other raw material sources. Almond-based alternatives have established solid footing. Sales of oat-based milk alternatives are surging. Barley-based alternatives may be on the verge of impacting the category, and legumes like pea protein provide their own specific benefits.
Regenerative Agriculture: A Solution for Better Food Security, Biodiversity and Stronger Supply Chains
The way we farm, distribute, and even eat our food has a variety of impacts on our planet, affecting everything from biodiversity to food security. A solution that is gaining momentum in efforts to improve farming and food industries is regenerative agriculture.
Spoonshot Becomes Future Food-Tech’s First Exclusive Intelligence Partner
Spoonshot is thrilled to announce that it has been named Future Food-Tech’s exclusive Intelligence Partner for 2022. In this role, the company will deliver key insights that will help guide the global agri-food community to boost food and drink innovation.
Belgian Boys Partners With Misfits Markets For Upcycled Stroopwafels
Belgian Boys LLC is partnering with Misfits Market to launch an upcycled stroopwafel made with four-times the scrap of the company’s standard product. Upcycled Stroopwafels use 12.5 percent repurposed cookies and are made with non-GMO ingredients, are kosher-certified, nut-free, and free from high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.
Mondelēz launching vegan Cadbury bar
Mondelēz International will roll out a Cadbury Plant Bar, a plant-based vegan alternative, in the U.K. and Ireland starting next month, the company said in a statement. The product, which took more than two years to develop, retains its creamy taste by replacing the milk with almond paste.
Blends bridging the gap between indulgence and health in snacking
Consumer interest in snacking has grown as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued. Product developers now are creating solutions that fuse health and indulgence to adjust to changing consumer preferences.
Gluten-free shows staying power in grocery bakery
The ever-widening better-for-you category continues to attract consumers looking to make healthier lifestyle choices through free-from foods.
Technology is revolutionizing food, but how can it be explained to consumers?
Companies are making real dairy, meat and eggs without animals and using fermentation to produce new analogs, but the challenge is describing it in a way that sounds appetizing.
Hershey tests plant-based chocolate bar
Hershey is trialing a plant-based chocolate bar in some markets. The new bar, called Hershey's Oat Made, comes in two varieties: Extra Creamy Almond and Sea Salt, and Classic Dark Chocolate. They will be available in limited distribution at select U.S. national retailers through June 2022.
Sweet on sugar reduction
While sugar is one of the simplest pantry ingredients — it’s obtained from sugarcane or sugar beets through just a few steps (extraction, evaporation and drying) — it happens to be one of the most controversial.
Top 5 Digital Food Management Solutions
Curious about new technological advancements in the food industry? Explore our analysis of 860 global startups & scaleups and learn how their digital food management solutions impact your business!
Spoonshot Made It To The List Of 30 Most Innovative AI Companies In Minnesota
This article showcases our top picks for the best Minnesota based Artificial Intelligence companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Artificial Intelligence industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow.
Ingredient pairs a trend to watch in 2022, Spoonshot says
Half of all food and beverage product launches in the United States promote a single hero ingredient, but opportunities exist for food and beverage marketers to promote the benefits of ingredient pairs, according to Spoonshot, an artificial intelligence-powered food and beverage insights platform.
Trends to watch in 2022
Half of all food and beverage product launches in the United States promote a single hero ingredient, but opportunities exist for food and beverage marketers to promote the benefits of ingredient pairs, according to Spoonshot, an artificial intelligence-powered food and beverage insights platform.
Adaptogens, the wonder herb
Earlier this year in March, Spoonshot — an AI–Food & Beverage Innovation Intelligence Platform — had presented a paper titled “The Growing Role of Adaptogens in Tackling Stress” at the Future Food-Tech.
First-to-market nut milk concentrate promises superior plant-based taste and texture
Could nut paste help remedy plant milk’s taste, texture and sustainability challenges?
Gluten-free potential in pizza
Over the past year, home baking including pizza saw a bit of revival as the pandemic forced people to stay at home. Home baking had been losing some of its sheen since after the 2008 recession when scratch cooking had grown significantly as consumers looked to curb their spending. Over the last five years, there has been easier access to readymade foods and food delivery services have exploded, according to Spoonshot.com.
Gut health evolution ‘could extend to lungs to reinvigorate demand for probiotics’
First there was the gut-brain axis. Now the gut-lung axis may be a future trend ripe for innovation opportunities, according to a report.
Food and drink: What’s on the menu for immune support?
Are functional foods and beverages the latest frontlines for immune support? Immune support has been on the public radar a lot lately—for reasons that, at this point, are so obvious as not to need restating.
Spoonshot report on sugar reduction looks at consumer sweet spots
A new report from Spoonshot, ‘Sugar Reduction: A Bittersweet Pill’ includes must-haves for food and beverage manufacturers responding to growing consumer demand for reduced sugar and sugar replacements.
Food Business Predictions for 2022
Spoonshot predict that people’s interest in boosting their immunity will change to a more holistic focus on health and that health foods will become more important to people.
Spoonshot's Food releases 2022 Food Trends Report
AI Food Innovation Platform offers deep dive into emerging trends that will shape the food and drink industry
The trends that will shape the industry in 2022 and beyond
Spoonshot has taken a deep dive into the trends that are just surfacing, but expected to expand in 2022 and beyond.
Spoonshot Predicts 7 Trends for 2022
Spoonshot has released its report on 2022 trends, launched with a webinar presented by Kishan Vasani, Co-Founder and CEO, and Ranjana Sundaresan, Lead Research Analyst.
Indian American Foodie Kishan Vasani Created Spoonshot for Insights into Future of Food, Beverage Industry
Entrepreneur Kishan Vasani is a lover of food and has a mind for technology. He took both passions and carved out a business melding the two.
Regenerative agriculture 'key to future-proofing food sector', says EIT Food
The world's largest Agrifood Innovation Ecosystem, supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, says regenerative agriculture is vital in helping the world’s biggest foods brands achieve their net zero plans and meeting consumer demand for sustainable products.
Meat and dairy are front and centre when it comes to the impact food production has on the planet. Palm oil and soya have also remained in the spotlight. But could attention soon turn to sugar? Experts at AI data firm Spoonshoot think so.
Sugar: the next ingredient set to come under fire for its climate impact?
Meat and dairy are regularly targeted for their environmental impact. In the UK, for example, the government’s Committee on Climate Change has recommended a 20% cut in meat and dairy by 2030, rising to 35% by 2050 for meat only. Sugar may be next, warns a report from AI data firm Spoonshot.
Slideshow: The shroom boom
Mushroom mania is running rampant in recent innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic supercharged interest in the functional fungi as consumers increasingly seek more foods that offer natural health and immunity benefits. In fact, the global mushroom market value is expected to exceed $50 billion in the next seven years, according to a recent report by Grand View Research.
Spoonshot Releases Report on Sugar Reduction Natural, Functional, & Taste Top Consumer Sweet Spots
Spoonshot, which delivers food and beverage innovation intelligence by leveraging AI and food science, announces the release of its comprehensive report, “Sugar Reduction: A Bittersweet Pill.” In the report, Spoonshot shares must-haves for food and beverage manufacturers responding to growing consumer demand for reduced sugar and sugar replacements.
The popularity of gluten-free drives a flourless revolution
2021 has brought with it some good news: the world’s best-known cookie has finally launched its gluten-free variants and by most initial accounts, they’re pretty good and taste just like the original. These variants are made from white rice and whole oat flour instead of the usual wheat flour, giving people with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease the chance to find out what all the fuss is about.
Energy and relaxation dietary supplements: Stress and fatigue drive consumers to supplement shelves
Increased stress and tiredness, especially over the past year, are sending consumers to supplement and food shelves to find support. If the COVID-19 pandemic’s taught us anything, it’s that stress and fatigue can always grow. The pandemic caused an enormous spike in stress and exhaustion, mental and physical, in the past year, far and above what we’d typically experience in a normal year.
Natural sweetener use corresponds to rise in comfort food popularity
Natural sweeteners are set for success amid the rising popularity of comfort food. Think sugar in an apple pie that reminds the consumer of grandmother, chocolate malt drinks reminiscent of those found in malt shops or honey in a sweet and gooey cinnamon roll. A surge in comfort food’s popularity came shortly after the unsettling COVID-19 pandemic hit.
Adaptogens taking center stage in stress reduction
The increase in stress and anxiety is driving heightened awareness of adaptogens. Consumer interest in adaptogens grew 55% in 2020, with online conversations around adaptogens increasing eightfold, according to Spoonshot. Read our CEO & Co-Founder, Mr. Kishan Vasani’s take on it backed by incredible insights from inside the Spoonshot platform.
Spoonshot Co-Founder & CEO Kishan Vasani to Address Role of Food & Beverages in Supporting Mental Health at Future Food-Tech (March 11-12, 2021)
Next month at Future Food-Tech Kishan Vasani, Spoonshot’s co-founder and CEO, will present “The Growing Role of Adaptogens in Tackling Stress” (Friday, March 12, 2021, 11:10 PT). Adaptogens, non-toxic plants that can potentially help the body resist stressors of all kinds—physical, chemical or biological—are considered to be helpful as relaxation aids and can even regulate mood.
BevNET Magazine January/February 2021
Despite their untimely appeal, however, benefits aren’t the only thing consumers seek. The increase in stress and anxiety is also helping push them towards nostalgic and indulgent flavours from their childhood, according to Spoonshot, interest in flavours categorised as such increased by 13%. Had the pandemic not occurred, the data showed that interest would have instead declined 6%.
Time for sodium alternatives to show they’re ‘worth their salt’
Salt reduction needs to come out of the shadows, according to food artificial intelligence company Spoonshot.​ Its latest report notes the number of strategies that food manufacturers can adopt to help consumers reduce their salt intake, including stealth reduction, potassium chloride and glutamates. However, these have not had the kind of promotions that sugar alternatives have had and are thus less well known.
Google Cloud Team Uses AI to Develop Hybrid “Cakie” and “Breakie” Recipes
I remember at some point last year after the pandemic had started, I called three different grocery stores to check if they had yeast in stock. Of course, I had no luck at any location because our country had entered a baking extravaganza; ovens were fired up non-stop across the country to bake sourdough, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies. Due to this baking frenzy that overtook our country in 2020, the Google Cloud team analyzed the ingredients and specific ratios used in favorite baked goods like cookies, bread, and cakes through the use of a machine learning program.
Spoonshot Launches Free Version of its AI-Based Flavor Pairing Tool
Spoonshot, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover novel flavor combinations, has launched a free version of its tool that is accessible to anyone. Spoonshot CEO and Co-Founder, Kishan Vasani spoke about the new level of service at The Spoon’s Food Tech Live event earlier this week. Up to this point, Spoonshot’s platform has been a B2B play, meant for CPG companies and foodservice operators looking ahead to see what the next food and flavor trends might be.
50 Emerging Technology Themes to watch out for in 2021
This is the third year that I have put together this list of lists, curating the most interesting emerging technology themes at the cusp. You can review the themes for 2020 and 2019. What you will find is that it is very difficult to predict the future as technology doesn’t just become mainstream overnight. It takes time to travel up the adoption curve. So what you will see in both the early years and in the top 50 Emerging Themes for 2021 list are technologies that sit relatively early stage at various stages of adoption.
Rethink, Retool, Reinvent
Danone is crunching data to learn how thousands of nutrients activate metabolic pathways. Bolthouse Farms has applied cameras and sensors to make carrot processing vastly more efficient. PepsiCo is leading the charge for a digital definition of retail “category management.” In these and countless other ways, digital transformation is occurring apace at CPG giants and startups alike, all along the food production chain—from product formulation to retail distribution.
Talking to Kishan Vasani
Born and raised in London, Kishan Vasani was entrepreneurial from the get go. He started at the age of just 5 or 6 yrs by helping his father run a local grocery store in a small village in rural part of the UK. This inclination towards entrepreneurship perhaps came from his father first.
Trend predictions for 2021; Is breadfruit the new superfood?
A fruit that has long been a diet staple in tropical and South Pacific countries has all the earmarks of being the next superfood, according to a team of British Columbia researchers. Breadfruit, which can be eaten on its own or dried and ground into a gluten-free flour, has the potential to improve worldwide food security and mitigate diabetes, according to the researchers.
Future Food-Tech sees personalized technology address COVID-19, gut health and mood
Kicking off today, Future Food-Tech’s online summit is focalizing how technology can be harnessed to drive personalized nutrition. Positioned as a platform for disruptive F&B start-ups, this year’s summit is home to a range of fledgling businesses who speak to NutritionInsight about how their innovations can address everything from COVID-19 to gut health.
Spoonshot Announces 8 Biggest Food Trend Predictions for 2021 & Beyond
Along with International Food Trendologist, Liz Moskow, Spoonshot created the list to predict and interpret the food trends that will impact menus, product development, and consumer behavior into 2021.
Dairy Dialog podcast 104: SternWywiol Planteneers, Elopak, Spoonshot
This week we have three interviews. We chat with Dr Dorotea Pein, head of product management, and Dr Matthias Moser, managing director of the food ingredients division of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe; Kishan Vasani, co-founder and CEO of Spoonshot; and Elopak’s director of sustainability, Marianne Groven. We also have our weekly look at the global dairy markets with Liam Fenton from StoneX.
Online Culinary Experiences and Hospitality Tech | Forward Fooding
Technology can provide an alternative to traditional hospitality in light of social distancing norms. Eating out was one of those activities we took for granted in the pre-COVID days. Sure, you had to plan and make reservations in advance if you wanted to have a really fancy culinary experience, but it wasn’t a big deal.
Spoonshot Delivers Food & Beverage Innovation Intelligence By Leveraging AI And Food Science
From a pure technology standpoint, our core capability is in acquiring unstructured data, processing and enriching it, and then connecting that disparate data using food science domain expertise, e.g. the chemical properties of ingredients, as a means to build insights. The resulting benefit for our customers is that they receive rich, relevant, and unintuitive intelligence related to their innovation goals
Indian Food Innovation Intelligence Platform Spoonshot Raises $1M Seed Round from U.S. VC Firm
Bangalore-based Spoonshot, a company that leverages AI with food science to predict emerging food and beverage trends, Sept. 8 announced a seed investment of $1 million led by Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based VC firm SRI Capital.
Kishan Vasani & Sai Sreenivas Kodur of Spoonshot: The Future Of Retail In The Post Pandemic World
Staying relevant has been one of the biggest challenges for retailers during the pandemic. Consumer shopping habits pretty much changed overnight and now, six months in, we’re seeing slight readjustments in their behavior once again.
How big data and AI is revolutionising FMCG innovation: Spoonshot
The challenge of responding to coronavirus has highlighted the need to leverage big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence in the FMCG space. However, AI start-up Spoonshot stresses, the long-term opportunities this technology can unlock are more significant still.
Spoonshot Launches A Localised Version Of Its Trend Prediction Platform For Australia
Minneapolis, March 13, 2020-- Spoonshot, a food AI company that equips the food and beverage industry with unprecedented foresight of emerging market needs, today announced its launch in the Australian market. Spoonshot’s proprietary technology is infused with food science algorithms that help Australian food and beverage brands unlock hidden opportunities derived from emerging market needs.
Spoonshot offers A.I.-powered insights platform
MINNEAPOLIS — Spoonshot is aiming to help innovators with early-stage product development and trends research. The Spoonshot platform leverages machine learning and food science-infused algorithms to deliver personalized insights, trend predictions and emerging product opportunities. To produce this intelligence, the platform analyzes billions of data points from more than 900 sources in the domain of food, including food science research, food communities, niche e-commerce portals, media platforms and data on millions of products, menus and recipes.
The Age of The Personalized Food Passport is Coming, Says Spoonshot CEO
It seems impossible for giant CPG companies working with thousands of retailers to make individualized products. But according to Kishan Vasani, CEO of Spoonshot, a startup that predicts emerging food trends, there’s still a way for these giant companies to mimic the effects of personalization in their wares.
What we’ll be eating in 2021, according to robots
Carob makes a comeback, chickpeas find new forms, and a C.B.D. challenger emerges.
AI forecasts what we’ll be eating in 2021
BOULDER, COLO. — Copaiba may be the next cannabidiol — without the regulatory baggage, said food trends forecaster Elizabeth Moskow. Derived from the resin of the Copaifera tree and featuring an earthy, woodsy flavor, copaiba is an essential oil that shares similar properties to C.B.D. It is seen as a remedy for inflammation, chronic pain and anxiety, and, as Ms. Moskow pointed out, “it’s completely legal.”
Eight culinary trends to watch, from carob and copaiba to the ‘climatarian’ diet
From a rise in interest in essential oil copaiba, which is claimed to have similar benefits to CBD (although it lacks clinical data to prove it), to a resurgence of enthusiasm for carob, food trend watcher Liz Moskow has identified eight culinary trends that could gain traction in the next couple of years.
11 Leading-Edge Food Trend Predictions for the Future
Yearly trend lists, until now, typically only report on trends that have already passed initial emergence stage and are already on mainstream and social media radars. By leveraging the AI technology of Spoonshot, a food innovation intelligence platform, experts predict the trends before they happen. This proprietary early prediction methodology makes it possible for restaurants, foodservice, and CPG companies to get a jump on their LTOs, menu planning, and innovation pipelines to develop and release products in a timelier manner, staying ahead of their competitors.
Spoonshot Launches AI-Powered Insights Platform Designed To Inspire Front-End Innovation For The CPG Industry By Providing Foresight On Trends And Opportunities
Bleeding Edge Technology That Combines the Power of AI, Food Science, and Large, Diverse Data Sets, to Provide Companies with Validated Insights for Future Product Pipelines That Will Be Both On-Trend and Trend-Forward. Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities.
Spoonshot Launches AI-Powered Insights Platform Designed to Inspire Front-End Innovation for the CPG Industry by Providing Foresight on Trends and Opportunities
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, today emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities.
Spoonshot Launches AI-Powered Insights Platform Designed to Inspire Front-End Innovation for the CPG Industry by Providing Foresight on Trends and Opportunities
MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, today emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities. The Spoonshot platform leverages machine learning and food science infused algorithms to deliver personalized insights, predict trends, and identify emerging product opportunities for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, that have long relied upon dated research, stagnant methodologies, and limited data-sets.
Spoonshot Launches AI-Powered Insights Platform Designed to Inspire Front-End Innovation for the CPG Industry by Providing Foresight on Trends and Opportunities
Bleeding edge technology that combines the power of AI, food science, and large, diverse data sets, to provide companies with validated insights for future product pipelines that will be both on-trend and trend-forward. MINNEAPOLIS - October 1, 2019 - (Newswire.com) ​​​​Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, today emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities.
Spoonshot Launches its AI-Powered Crystal Ball for CPG Companies, Makes an Ashwagandha Prediction
If you're in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) business and see a food trend popping up on Instagram or Snapchat, then you are probably already too late to act on it. At that point your company is reacting to what is already happening, rather than what will happen. This is one of the main drivers of Spoonshot's new AI-powered flavor recommendation platform, which the company announced today.
From peel potential to functional florals: AI trend platform Spoonshot emerges from stealth mode with future forecasts
Food artificial intelligence company Spoonshot has today emerged from an intensive 18-month R&D process to launch a new tool that it says will 'raise the bar for insight-led innovation' in the food and beverage sector
From Voicebots and Loyalty to Data and Delivery: What Are the Next Big Hits (and Misses) in Food Tech?
In the most recent year we have seen previously hot sectors cool (like e-commerce meal delivery and guided cooking); new sectors take shape (like personalized nutrition and voice-driven platforms); and many B2B platforms that are leading to, among other things, new cross-sector 'enabling technology' plays.
Spoonshot- An AI-based Startup Which Predicts the Food Trend
Spoonshot's AI-powered tool is a tool for the creative spark behind future successful new products, saving FMCG companies time and money, enabling them to become trendsetters. StartupTalky interviewed Spoonshot CEO Kishan Vasani to understand more about the startup..
10 Emerging Analytics Startups In India To Watch Out In 2019
n the last one year, we have covered numerous analytics startups that are working in the areas of healthcare, fashion, real estate, agriculture, facilitating lending decisions, emotional intelligence, voice-based solutions, hybrid TV powered by AI and many more. .
5 companies leading the way in datafood — and why we believe radical change is needed in the food-system
Gone are the days when data science was strictly the domain of the data scientist, engineer or technologist. We've moved forward to the age of the data entrepreneur, and with that mindset, into collaboration with businesses at the intersection of innovation.
Recommendation Engines Are The Best Way To Deal With Information Overload
A strong recommendation engine is equivalent to a healthy backbone for any businesses and it is equivalent to an efficient online salesman for the customers.
Techstars accelerator-backed Spoonshot acquires analytics startup Brisky
Spoonshot Inc. (formerly Dishq), which predicts consumer tastes and food trends using food science and artificial intelligence, has acquired Hyderabad-headquartered restaurant analytics startup Brisky, the companies said in a statement.
Dishq Rebrands as Spoonshot, Acquires Brisky
Personalized food recommendation engine Dishq announced today that it has rebranded as Spoonshot, and that the company has acquired India-based startup, Brisky. During a phone interview, Spoonshot …
'Personalisation is key to driving great experiences': Food tech group DishQ talks AI and food innovation
The development of artificial intelligence solutions sits at the cutting edge of food tech. As an industry, the food sector is only just beginning to understand the potential that these developments offer.
Services that Combine Flavor and AI Are a New Food Tech Trend.
Self-described “food AI company” dishq uses customer data, machine learning, and food science research to predict consumer taste preferences
Tracxn Blog – Tracxn – Analyst Notes (India Practice) # 553
Interesting startups 2017 - dishq- AI-enabled food recommendation engine - to help the online food industry grow.
The Weekly Spoon: Trends in AI and Flavor, deal with Hamilton Beach plus a mini road show!
One interesting startup highlighted is dishq, a food AI company that's developing what they call 'taste analytics as a service.'
Dishq Uses Machine Learning for Bespoke Food Recommendations.
Dishq is looking to improve by using artificial intelligence. Based in Bangalore, India, Dishq provides APIs for food service companies like restaurants....
What do I eat? Ex-execs of Just Eat and Zomato help you answer the eternal question
B2B AI-based foodtech startup dishq uses machine learning and food science to help the online food industry...
Learnings from Z02 and going forward to Z03
Going into Z02, we wanted to try the following things: Partner with organisations, Focusing on pitch and strategy, Invite Venture Partners ...
Zeroth Update: Z02 debut
Our vision has always been to work with the smartest AI founders and ideas, to ruthlessly execute, and to help them realize their ambition into the world. We believe that AI fundamentally changes the way companies will be built, scale, and how customers and users interact with products. We know that the next great company will be created AI first.
124 startups exhibiting in TIA
In the past month, you’ve gotten a taste of the impressive startups joining us for Tech in Asia’s debut conference in Bangalore. From marketing startups to help you dazzle with impressive (but affordable) videos, to one that helps you collect good karma, you’re in for a good show this year.
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