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Our innovation intelligence helps transform food & beverage companies from laggards to leaders

Be the trendsetter
58% of R&D spending is directed at incremental innovation, while only 14% is used for breakthrough or disruptive innovations.

While incrementalism is fuelling the revenues of companies today, they have forgotten to look at how they can create revenues for the day after tomorrow. Consumer panels and surveys are square pegs in a world increasingly made of round holes. Incremental gains are a band-aid for a bullet wound.

At Spoonshot, we believe that exploration is the catalyst for novel and successful food innovation, the very fuel to help you shape the future, to set the trend. We examine the root cause, start at the very beginning, and build from first principles. We adopt the mindset of our inner inquisitive child, always learning, never biased, always curious, never fearful. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. #bethetrendsetter

That’s ‘Spoonshot thinking’.

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Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights
Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights