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58% of R&D spending is directed at incremental innovation, while only 14% is used for breakthrough or disruptive innovations.

Incrementalism is fuelling the revenues of companies today. Companies are forgetting to look at how they can create revenues for the day after tomorrow. Sales data, panels, and surveys are square pegs in a world increasingly made of round holes. Incremental gains are a band-aid for a bullet wound - the very definition of shooting oneself in the foot.

At Spoonshot, we believe that exploration is the catalyst behind the novel and successful products, the very fuel to help you shape the future, to set the trend. To be a Trendsetter, we must first explore. And to explore, we must channel our inner inquisitive child.

Look at the root cause, start at the very beginning and build from first principles. We provide you with the tool for the creative spark behind your future successful new products, saving you time and money.

That’s ‘Spoonshot thinking.’ We believe that the best way to predict the future is to invent it.
When Kishan Vasani and Sai Sreenivas Kodur started Spoonshot in late 2015, their idea was to create a personalized food discovery app for consumers. dishq, as it known back then, was focussed on shifting food recommendations away from ratings and reviews, to a more visual, emotional, and ultimately personal experience.

Through that the journey the business has evolved, and today we are a B2B intelligence company specifically focusing on the food & beverage market, initially in North America. We empower those responsible for product development to identify food trends early and ideate using our predictive intelligence platform.

We are helping to invent the future of food, to set the trend.
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