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Spoonshot delivers insights on new flavor combination for chocolate brand
Garlic and chocolate both have flavanols
Learn how Spoonshot provided actionable insights for an American plant-based chocolate confectionery to create a line extension of their popular candy.
Spoonshot unlocks a new occasion for cheese manufacturer via novel pairing
A cheese and mango ice-cream spread
Know how Spoonshot helped a North American cheese manufacturer create a new format of their existing cheese product and also found a new occasion for its adoption.
Spoonshot helps predict a new flavor for a plant-based snack brand
North African flavours take center stage
Know how Spoonshot helped an American plant-based snack company that creates healthy snacks with cassava root, come up with a new flavor, leveraging the emerging trend of African flavors.
Spoonshot predicts a unique ingredient pairing positioned to be the next plant-based turkey
Keto-Friendly Vegan Turkey
Learn how Spoonshot provided a US foodservice brand with insights on a meat-free main dish for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Spoonshot helps juice manufacturer come up with a seasonal flavor
Riding on the trend
Know how Spoonshot helped an American brand that produces juices and smoothies come up with a new flavor, leveraging the seasonal trend of pumpkin spice.
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