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The core idea behind food industry research and development is to be able to create and launch new food products in the market. Spoonshot helps CPG companies in the food & beverage domain drive innovation by helping reduce the risk that comes with relying on old, bad quality data.
How Spoonshot Helps With Food & Beverage Research & Development
For the first time you can rely on higher-order intelligence to help you drive your innovation decisions
Go beyond hashtags and discover what consumers will want tomorrow before the market gets flooded with new products
Simplify your research & development process by putting AI to use to discover insights that are specific to your product category
For the first time you can rely on higher-order intelligence to help you drive your innovation decisions
Go beyond hashtags and discover what consumers will want tomorrow before the market gets flooded with new products
Simplify your research & development process by putting AI to use to discover insights that are specific to your product category
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Why Second Order Intelligence In Food Insights Matters For CPG Brands
food industry research and development
Outranking already existing products in the food and beverage industry is not an easy feat to achieve especially if the consumers are already using and loving them. At Spoonshot we help CPG companies in the F&B domain develop new food products with a powerful combination of food science and artificial intelligence. Conducting any research related to food and beverage is now a lot easier thanks to over 28,000 sources of data that we use for producing second-order intelligence that can be put to use by your product development and marketing teams.
Every two out of three R&D professionals have reported that on an average it takes them six months to get new products launched in the market. And this remains to be one of the biggest obstacles in the food industry. Adapting to ever changing consumer needs and wants is practically the hardest thing to keep up with.
Fortunately, product development specialists can rely on a business intelligence platform like Spoonshot to make sure they don’t risk getting stale insights. The first step towards improving your food research and development process should be to equip yourself with a tool that can provide domain specific insights that matter to your brand and business.
Another big reason why food research and development processes need a fresh upgrade is because marketers can then use health claims, nutrition claims and insights on future food trends to further help their teams work on getting better products to the market. It is imperative that R&D professionals understand the need for appealing to at least one or all four of the areas of conscious consumption: eco-conscious, geo-conscious health-conscious and self-conscious consumption.
While the ultimate goal for all R&D departments in food manufacturing and food processing companies might be similar, their approach towards research is different. That’s where Spoonshot comes in. With our platform you don’t need to worry about looking at complex tables & charts. We provide personalized insights that are most suited to your needs in an easy to digest format.
So before you hop off and try just another Google search, try searching for what you’re looking for inside our platform by signing up for a free account. Just in case you can’t find it there, we’ll find it for you. If smart food innovation is what you are looking for, you came to the right place.
AI & Food Science Backed Data
FAQs About Food Insights
  • What is food research & development?
    Food research and development is the process of collecting information specifically in the food and beverage industry to help launch new food products to the market. Sometimes it is conducted by food companies so they can match prices of their products to others in the market, other times it could also be used for making their own line of products better or healthier.
  • What is the main difference between food science and food technology?
    Food science is the study of the nature of food including its chemical composition, nutritional value & biological significance. While food technology is more to do with the application of food science itself. It can include things like production, preservation of food, quality control and even R&D of food products.
  • What do R&D food scientists do?
    R&D food scientists are professionals who have studied Chemistry, Biology or Food Science during their graduate studies. They are supposed to help execute R&D lab related lab activities along with being able to assist new food product development. They study and assess various food ingredients, build recipes for new product formulations to make sure their catering to the consumer needs & wants in the CPG industry. Without them product innovation would not be possible.
  • What does food research & development cost?
    Depending on the budget your company has, you can invest in various tools now to make sure you’re making the right data driven decisions instead of just relying on what previous years’ sales data has to say. Food R&D can start from as low as $200 per month per user for a market intelligence platform like Spoonshot. Many other companies charge twice the amount of money without having access to the kind of data our AI based engine can spew out. You can also sign up for a free account here.
  • Still have more questions? Email
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“By leveraging Spoonshot’s insights platform, Winterbotham Darby has gained a new level of confidence in seeing how food trends will evolve in the future, as well as uncovering potential new ingredient combinations for our future launches. Spoonshot’s technology has taken us to the next level in terms of trend prediction and innovation research, which makes it a must-have tool.”
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“Spoonshot allowed us to quickly identify new pathways our R&D team could pursue in showcasing the versatility of our ingredients.”
“Extremely helpful exercise and pointed out several ingredients we hadn’t thought to include. Very valuable!”
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