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Charting the innovation roadmap for a diet centric lifestyle brand
What we were asked to do
Provide an in-depth picture of one of the fastest growing dieting trends, its market, as well as its consumers, their habits, motivations, and lifestyles.
Why they wanted this
To guide the strategic product development pipeline of our customer’s lifestyle brand that caters to this emerging dieting trend.
Who asked us
One of the world’s leading snacks manufacturers.
The method

We analyzed:
  • Over 3.5M social media posts from 88,400+ users in the US and UK market
  • 2.5M product reviews
  • Nearly 4,000 industry articles
  • 3,600+ relevant products across all food and drink categories
  • 25,000+ recipes relating to the diet
Our #foodbrain AI processed all of this data to uncover important connections that would translate into viable innovation opportunities.
The outcome
We provided the customer with data-backed...
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Analyses of the internal and external factors driving the market
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Comprehensive psychographic profiles of key user types
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Top ingredients that consumers craved
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Category analysis
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Product and brand benchmarking
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4 white spaces, each with our recommended product concepts
Customer feedback from a product developer:
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Insights score
The insights provided were extremely thorough and comprehensive. This data serves as a great tool for multiple teams across the organization as we define our future pipeline and refine existing project concepts.
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Service score
The Spoonshot team delivered results on time and even went back to complete further research to answer additional questions. The team could easily explain the technology and insights discovered for this specific space. I would definitely work with Spoonshot again.
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Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights
Whitepapers and Data-Driven Insights
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