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Generating Actionable Product Concepts with Spoonshot

Using the power of AI to hone in on novel, actionable product concepts

What we were asked to do
Come up with a number of product concepts featuring new and non-standard ingredient categories based on flavor and texture compatibility for an established food category with high market penetration. A further constraint for this project was to ensure that the concepts satisfied certain nutritional criteria.
Why they wanted this
To expand into a new category and target a new cohort of consumers
Who asked us
A leading food and drink manufacturer featured on the Fortune 500 list
The method

To come up with a long list of ingredient and flavor concepts that would work well with the non-standard ingredient categories, we analyzed the huge pool of data including:
  • More than 11,000 ingredients
  • Over 1M products and 5M dishes
  • 80M articles and blogs
  • 17M consumer conversations and reviews
Our AI, #foodbrain, processed all of this data to uncover important connections that would translate into viable product concepts that matched the requirements.
The outcome
We provided the customer with around 30 product concepts which we further synthesized based on the following factors:
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Growth in interest within the industry and consumers
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How much consumers liked the concepts
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Novelty and flavor compatibility with other ingredients
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The penetration of the concepts within the foodservice space
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The regional penetration of the concepts
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The nutritional profile of each concept
In addition, we came up with a proprietary benchmarking system to rank the concepts against existing products.
Customer feedback from a product developer:
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Insights score
The concepts provided proved to be unique combinations that I likely would not have come up with on my own. I appreciated the concept rankings and benchmarks based on our existing products and other competitors in the market. Additionally, the category penetration and flavor trend maturity matrix provided valuable insight into which concepts we should focus most on
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Service score
The Spoonshot team delivered results on time, and also refined the deck to create a specific version for our Marketing team.
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