Is It DishQ or dishq?

What’s in a name? Well for us, quite a bit actually. Let us explain…

How do you say and write our name? It’s dishq, deliberately all in lowercase. Phonetically, it’s pronounced dishk, not dish-q. (For those of you who know Hindi, it’s ‘ishq’ with a “d” in front. And that might also explain why we chose this name.

Does the name, dishq, have any meaning? Yes! Kishan had that lightbulb moment in November 2015, before he even started working on the business fully. In Hindi, “ishq” means love. So when you combine the words “dish” and “ishq”, you get food love! What an appropriate name for a business that is all about helping diners discover great food.

If you prefer “DishQ”, that’s fine, we’re a pretty relaxed bunch and have an equally interesting meaning behind this variation of our name.

Take IQ, meaning intelligence quotient. Now with DishQ, you have dish quotient, meaning food number. This really relates to how our tech works. For each diner, we assign each dish a score (affinity) which represent the likelihood that they will enjoy this food. Clever stuff. 😉

So now you choose, is it the oh so cheesy dishq (food love) or the totally geeky DishQ (food quotient)?

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