Press Release| Predicting the Future of Food

8 Leading Edge- Food Trend Predictions 2021 and Beyond DENVER, Colorado, Oct 31, 2019- A leader on trends in the food industry, Liz Moskow has teamed up with Spoonshot, an emerging food intelligence platform to identify the leading-edge culinary trends that will impact menus, product development, and consumer behavior into 2022. By leveraging Spoonshot’s massive data pool, Liz Moskow predicts trends before they happen, rather than highlighting them after trend adoption has begun.  Spoonshot analyzes billions…

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And We Have Liftoff!

I’m super excited and proud to announce the public launch of the Spoonshot platform today. It’s a hub for those responsible for front-end innovation at food & beverage companies who need to identify upcoming trends and opportunities. It’s a world of exploration, a source of inspiration, and a center of ideation.   We’ve gone from an idea, which was originally to build an analytics platform for restaurant menu development, to a fully-fledged solution for the CPG…

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Product Launch

Press Release| Spoonshot Launches AI-powered Insights Platform Designed to Inspire Front-End Innovation For The CPG Industry By Providing Foresight On Trends And Opportunities

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oct. 1, 2019,/( — Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, today emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities. The Spoonshot platform leverages machine learning and food science infused algorithms to deliver personalized insights, predict trends, and identify emerging product opportunities for…

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