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Press Release | Spoonshot Launches A Localised Version Of Its Trend Prediction Platform For The UK

London, April 27, 2020 — Spoonshot, a food AI company that equips the food and beverage industry with unprecedented foresight of emerging market needs, today announced its launch in the UK market. Spoonshot’s proprietary technology is infused with food science algorithms that help British food and beverage brands unlock hidden opportunities derived from emerging market needs.   “Having already launched our platform for the US and Australian markets over the last six months, I’m personally very excited…

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Product Launch

Press Release| Spoonshot Launches AI-powered Insights Platform Designed to Inspire Front-End Innovation For The CPG Industry By Providing Foresight On Trends And Opportunities

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oct. 1, 2019,/( — Spoonshot, a food AI company that is raising the bar for insight-led innovation, today emerges after 18 months of R&D to help Product Developers with early-stage product development and trends research that is forward-looking and centered around intelligent exploration as a means to identify novel opportunities. The Spoonshot platform leverages machine learning and food science infused algorithms to deliver personalized insights, predict trends, and identify emerging product opportunities for…

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For The Love Of Data

By Sharat Shashi Nayar, Operations Lead   3.1 trillion USD. That’s IBM’s estimate on the cost of bad quality data in the US alone, in 2016. How do we define good, clean data? “Cleaning” refers to the removal of invalid data points from the given data. The end goal of data cleaning is not just to “clean up” the data off its unwanted elements, but also to bring a structure to the same, for it to be…

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