food discovery

stop using ratings & reviews to make food decisions

By Kishan Vasani Co-Founder & CEO Most people choose what and/or where to eat by reading reviews and ratings of restaurants. And broadly speaking, the system works, right? Well yes, and no. Think about all the restaurants you’ve visited or ordered food from over the last few months, especially the new places. How did you choose that restaurant? Probably by reading ratings and reviews. Did the experience live up to what the reviews told you?…

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is it DishQ or dishq?

What’s in a name? Well for us, quite a bit actually. Let us explain… How do you say and write our name? It’s dishq, deliberately all in lowercase. Phonetically, it’s pronounced dishk, not dish-q. (For those of you who know Hindi, it’s ‘ishq’ with a “d” in front. And that might also explain why we chose this name. Does the name, dishq, have any meaning? Yes! Kishan had that lightbulb moment in November 2015, before…

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how the idea behind dishq was born

By Kishan Vasani (Co-Founder & CEO) This is the very first post on the dishq blog. In fact, it’s the first blog post I have ever written despite having worked in Marketing for almost 10 years. Not quite sure how that happened. Anyway, here I go…   I wanted to share my experiences during this incredible journey. Not only is this the first tech startup that I have founded, but I’m also doing this in…

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