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And We Have Liftoff!

I’m super excited and proud to announce the public launch of the Spoonshot platform today. It’s a hub for those responsible for front-end innovation at food & beverage companies who need to identify upcoming trends and opportunities. It’s a world of exploration, a source of inspiration, and a center of ideation.   We’ve gone from an idea, which was originally to build an analytics platform for restaurant menu development, to a fully-fledged solution for the CPG…

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For The Love Of Data

By Sharat Shashi Nayar, Operations Lead   3.1 trillion USD. That’s IBM’s estimate on the cost of bad quality data in the US alone, in 2016. How do we define good, clean data? “Cleaning” refers to the removal of invalid data points from the given data. The end goal of data cleaning is not just to “clean up” the data off its unwanted elements, but also to bring a structure to the same, for it to be…

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