Spoonshot Acquires Guest Experience Tech Startup Brisky

Bangalore-based, Techstars funded company Spoonshot which leverages food science and artificial intelligence to predict consumer taste and food trends has acquired Hyderabad-based restaurant analytics startup Brisky. The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. “We have observed that the restaurant industry has always had a great desire to adopt new technologies and make data-driven decisions. However, they are not willing to put the effort of going through charts, deriving correlations and splicing data…

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We’ve Raised A $400K Pre-Seed Investment

  dishq, a Bengaluru (India) based AI startup, that leverages food science and machine learning to predict people’s taste, announced today a pre-seed investment of $400K. This round has been funded by several investors including, Techstars’ first food / ag tech focused accelerator called Farm To Fork, and Arts Alliance. “There is no question in my mind that Kishan, Sai and team are building something great here. There is a ton of opportunity in this…

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food science

why “natural” foods are not always better for you

By Suraksha Rajagopal, Food Scientist According to the dictionary, natural means “existing or derived from natural; not made or caused by humankind”. Using this definition the natural ingredients in this world would be very limited. Most ingredients today are modified in some way by humans before being presented to us in the store. Using this definition even cooking at home wouldn’t be considered a natural process. It can be safe to assume that additives that…

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Named Entity Recognition Using CRF

By Binay Gupta, Algorithm & NLP Engineer Setting the scene: Suppose you run an online shoe store where you get details of shoes from different brands. Based upon your market analysis, you get to know that apart from price, a customer looks at five attributes before ordering shoes: Brand Color Size Purpose i.e. whether they’re running shoes or casual  Material i.e. rubber, leather or cloth But the problem is, these details are not present in …

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misadventures of being open in the cloud

By Appunni M, DevOps & Product Engineer Building applications in the cloud is the new fad among the geeks of the 21st century. All those new Devops Engineers and Full Stack Developers out there bringing their creativity to life. It’s like dreaming in the cloud, but it’s not always a pleasant experience if you do not look out for those grave dangers of the cloud. You could fall and cause serious damage. Keep those points…

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culture funding startup

dishq – year 2 musings

TL;DR – a year of two halves. First 6 months was about pivoting from B2C to B2B, a sad but necessary decision. Second half of the year was about accelerating and validating our new business plan, and networking like crazy in order to start selling our tech. Bottom line, dishq has never been stronger. === Two years ago today, I started working full-time on dishq. It’s insane how fast the year has flown by and…

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accelerating with Zeroth.AI

By Sai Sreenivas Kodur, Co-Founder & CTO It was during June 2017, when we finished the first step of shaping dishq into a B2B company, ramping up the first version of product and signing up the first pilot client. Kishan (Co-Founder) and I have never worked in pure B2B companies, and I must say, the initial transition was hard. We soon realised that we would need an advisor who could help with this B2B journey,…

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food & AI – a taste of the future

By Sai Sreenivas Kodur Co-Founder & CTO AI – A Brief History To many computer scientists from the 90’s, AI was something which everyone tried but didn’t really work. But now, AI is rapidly changing the world, changing the way we interact, be it online or offline. It is not only inching towards the accuracy of humans (e.g. language translation, speech recognition, OCR) but also surpassing humans (e.g. object recognition, self driving cars). Until now,…

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dishq accepted into Zeroth AI accelerator

Around mid-July, we found out that dishq had been accepted into batch 2 of the Zeroth.ai Accelerator! There’s so many reasons we’re happy about this but here’s our top 3: 1) This accelerator is based out of Hong Kong so we’ll be spending some time over there widening our network of investors, potential customers and fellow batch companies. There’s some seriously interesting startups in the batch! 2) Zeroth focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence…

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food discovery

stop using ratings & reviews to make food decisions

By Kishan Vasani Co-Founder & CEO Most people choose what and/or where to eat by reading reviews and ratings of restaurants. And broadly speaking, the system works, right? Well yes, and no. Think about all the restaurants you’ve visited or ordered food from over the last few months, especially the new places. How did you choose that restaurant? Probably by reading ratings and reviews. Did the experience live up to what the reviews told you?…

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