Not So Vanilla Anymore

Ever heard of vanilla and oregano in a cake?

Though it might seem odd to use oregano in a sweet recipe as it really isn’t that common but this combination works very well and is being seen in 11k dishes with vanilla and oregano sharing 59 common flavor compounds. Herbs are traditionally used in savory recipes but are seeing increased usage in sweet dishes as well.

Or how about a vanilla tamarind ice-cream?

Tamarind contains high amounts of antioxidants, enhancing the immune system and reducing the risk of cancer. The sour flavor of the tamarind pairs well with the sweetness of vanilla with this combination sharing 61 flavor compounds and having been used in 14 dishes till date. 

Spoonshot’s AI platform explores other such inspiring ingredients that pair well with vanilla in the snacks, frozen foods, and beverage category.

Vanilla and Hemp

While it is a known fact that vanilla is majorly used in bakery, dairy products, and beverages, there has been a rise in the usage of this ingredient combo in recipes such as crepes, sauces, roasted pork and porridges

Snacks products available in the market with this combination include – 

Vanilla and Avocado

Both avocado and vanilla have antioxidant properties and a combination of the two ingredients has seen an accrued usage in lobster recipes and salads. 

Frozen food products available in the market include – 

Vanilla and Beetroot

Beetroot is packed with essential nutrients and is a great source of fiber, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C. The combination of beetroot and vanilla is not only seen in shakes and smoothies, but also in sorbets, cakes, scallop recipes. 

Beverage products available in the market with this ingredient combination – 

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