Not So Vanilla Anymore

Ever heard of vanilla and oregano in a cake? Though it might seem odd to use oregano in a sweet recipe as it really isn’t that common but this combination works very well and is being seen in 11k dishes with vanilla and oregano sharing 59 common flavor compounds. Herbs are traditionally used in savory recipes but are seeing increased usage in sweet dishes as well. Or how about a vanilla tamarind ice-cream? Tamarind contains…

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Getting Future-Focused With Second Order Thinking

Imagine that you are a restaurant owner. To boost flagging sales, you set your team an ambitious target to create three new main course menus in the next six months. Inspired by this stretch goal, your chefs end up creating five new main course menus – a great result! Or is it? Once the menu tasting and celebrations of creating something new die down, you realize things are starting to untangle. You discover that the…

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