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dishq accepted into Zeroth AI accelerator

Around mid-July, we found out that dishq had been accepted into batch 2 of the Accelerator! There’s so many reasons we’re happy about this but here’s our top 3: 1) This accelerator is based out of Hong Kong so we’ll be spending some time over there widening our network of investors, potential customers and fellow batch companies. There’s some seriously interesting startups in the batch! 2) Zeroth focuses on machine learning and artificial intelligence…

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for the love of data

  By Sharat Shashi Nayar Operations Lead   3.1 trillion USD. That’s the IBM’s estimate on the cost of bad quality data in the US alone, in 2016. How do we define good, clean data? “Cleaning” refers to the removal of invalid data points from a given data. The end goal of data cleaning is not just to “clean up” the data off its unwanted elements, but also to bring a structure to the same,…

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